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Looking Ahead as Q1 Comes to a Close

We’re into the final hours now of quarter one of 2020 and what a roller-coaster ride it has been for traders.

Volatility could very well pick up as we move into the close. There have been reports of
month end quarter in dollar demand, we’ve already been seeing some of that on Tuesday in the stock market.

Things seem to have calmed down as investors are feeling better about news coming out about the coronavirus. We could be seeing signs of the virus peaking now in New York and Italy. We may not be over the bump just yet though, there’s still plenty that can go wrong. Nothing should surprise you if you’ve been trading the markets in recent weeks.

Looking forward, we’re paying close attention to the oil market. The commodity has suffered huge losses in recent weeks and may well be well oversold as we move into Q2 2020. Keep an eye on your news sources, there has already been talk of efforts to stabilize the price. We need a significant sentiment shift to give us a high probability trading opportunity on one of the commodity currencies.

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